Buenos Aires Neighborhoods

Buenos Aires is divided into a number of barrios or neighborhoods. Each one listed below, has something special to offer with an important story identifying the spirit and characteristics of its citizens.

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Palermo: The largest and greenest Buenos Aires neighborhood, it subdivides into several smaller but distinct units: Palermo Chico, Palermo Viejo (which further splits into Palermo Soho), Palermo Hollywood, and Las Cañitas. With nearly 350 acres of parks, wooded areas, and lakes designed by French landscape architect Charles Thays in 1874, Palermo provides a peaceful escape from the rush of downtown. Families flock here on weekends to picnic, suntan, bicycle, in-line skate, and jog. The race track and the polo field, where the most important polo matches in the world are held, make this area the city's nerve center for equestrian activities.

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Recoleta is firmly established as the most cultured neighborhood in Buenos Aires, most of the city's finest hotels are located on its broad avenues, near fashionable boutiques and restaurants. The city's most exclusive neighborhood, Recoleta wears a distinctly European face. Tree-lined avenues lead past fashionable restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and galleries, many housed in French-style buildings. This is a neighborhood of plazas and parks, a place where tourists and wealthy Argentines spend their leisure time outside. Weekends feature street performers, art exhibits, craft fairs, and sporting events. Advantages of staying in Recoleta are the ritziest residences, the most upscale neighborhood, the best services, and its prime location near both downtown and some popular tourist sights.

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Las Cañitas is one of the safest and peaceful neighborhoods in Buenos Aires due to the presence of a military training base. Las Cañitas is the most fashionable gastronomic zone in Buenos Aires, home to more restaurants than any other ‘’barrio” in town. During your stroll through Las Cañitas, you will find exclusive boutiques, leather goods, health and beauty spas, wine and liquor galleries, antique stores, as well as the shopping centre, “El Solar de la Abadía”. Here you will also find the polo field where the Argentine Open Polo Championship takes place during the months of November and December. This is the most important polo tournament in the world.

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Puerto Madero, is one of the newest Buenos Aires neighborhoods, has become the trendiest place in town. Former abandoned brick warehouses in the old port area have been beautifully refurbished into upscale residential apartments, restaurants, offices, and loft accommodations located by picturesque canals. Porteños spend weekend afternoons strolling along the docks, riding bikes on the wide pathways, and lingering over coffee and pastries at riverfront cafes. The area attracts businessmen looking for a sunny lunch at midday and a fashionable, wealthy crowd at night. It is lined with elegant restaurants serving Argentine steaks and fresh seafood specialties. It is also home to a popular multi-screen cinema complex, the Argentine Catholic University and a private art museum.

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Plaza San Martín or Retirois one of the various historical neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. This plaza is located at the base of the famous Calle Florida, the most important pedestrian street of Buenos Aires. The rich, European architecture of this Buenos Aires neighborhood gives Plaza San Martín a distinguished style. The majority of the fabulous palaces built in its vicinity belonged to aristocratic families. The most beautiful and important mansions lining the Plaza House at present are the Military Circle that includes the Arms Museum, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Park Commission, among others.

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San Telmo is a bohemian community that is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. The entire vicinity is considered a National Historic Monument. San Telmo keeps the authentic old Buenos Aires alive with its narrow cobblestone streets, tall trees, and faroles (a particular kind of public candlelight). Still in use, faroles create an atmosphere of special memories. The meeting point is Plaza Dorrego, where a flea market takes place every weekend. You’ll find stores offering art pieces, antiques, furniture from previous centuries, silver handcrafts and all kind of souvenirs. On the weekends, tango dancers perform outside. Along with many restaurants and cafes, tango-themed bars are abundant in San Telmo. Most date back to the 1800s and have maintained their original facades and interior decor.

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Belgrano, is one of Buenos Aires’s most densely populated neighborhoods, has many different subdivisions. Belgrano R is a residential area where old mansions and skyscrapers line shady cobblestone streets. Bajo Belgrano, the lowlands nearby the Rio de la Plata, is home to tennis, many football clubs, and recreation areas.

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Downtown is south of the metropolis and includes the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada (the government seat), and distinctive national buildings, all located in this Buenos Aires neighborhood. In downtown Buenos Aires, you will enjoy walking on Calle Florida, the biggest and most important pedestrian street in town, lined with restaurants and the exclusive shopping mall, Galeria Pacifico, as well as stores selling leather goods, clothes, records and books. On Calle Florida, you will find the Kavanagh Building, the first skyscraper built in Buenos Aires. Also in the neighborhood are the Colon Theater, considered one of the most important opera houses in the world, and the Obelisk, a an global symbol of Buenos Aires and Argentina's most famous monument.

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