Terms & Conditions

The following are terms and conditions for rental accommodations through BA Apartment Rental. If you have a question or concern which is not covered here, please contact us. We look forward to your stay with us!


All reservations (no matter the length) are subject to a non-refundable $30 US administrative fee.


CHECK-IN: We know what it's like to arrive in Buenos Aires after an all-night flight. Guests will be able to check-in upon arrival. Choose the exact time of check-in, free of charge.

CHECK-OUT: At any time before 12:00 p.m. If a guest would like a check-out time that is after 12:00 p.m., the property must be reserved for an additional day (subject to availability).

Please note that on December 24, December 25, December 31 and January 1, a check-in /check-out $50 US administrative fee applies.


In order to book an apartment, we require a deposit of 20% of the total amount of your stay, plus the $30 US administrative fee.

Payments may be made on our website with a credit card or via bank wire directly into our account. Please note that for credit card payments, an additional 5% credit card charge will apply. Wire transfers are subject to wire transfer fees which vary by bank.

Guests must verify and confirm their booking dates before making the reservation, since a reservation is only valid for the dates reserved. All reservation deposits and administrative fees are non-refundable if a guest cancels or modifies the dates of his/her reservation. If the guest wishes to make a new reservation, a new deposit and administrative fee will be charged. BA Apartment Rental will not be held responsible for cancellations or modifications of stay dates for ANY REASON.


On the day of arrival, we will meet you at the apartment to sign the rental contract agreement. At that time, payment of the remaining rental balance and security deposit is due in full, in CASH (payable in US dollars, Euros or Argentine pesos depending on preference of the landlord). You agree to these conditions at the time of booking. Please ensure that you have the necessary funds in cash before your arrival at the apartment. The keys will not be turned over until the guest has paid the total amount in full (rental fee plus the security deposit) in CASH.

Payments for the accommodation are non-refundable. If you decide to shorten the length of your stay, previously made payments will not be refunded.


When you sign the rental agreement you will also sign a copy of the inventory. The guest will provide a security deposit in CASH (in US dollars, Euros or Argentinean pesos as per the Landlord’s preference) which will be held by us until the guest's departure. The security deposit will be returned to the guest at the end of the stay, provided that there are no damages and the apartment is left in good condition. Prior to the guest’s departure we will schedule a time to meet at the apartment to inspect the apartment's condition and return the deposit.

Length of Rental:

Up to 30 days --> Damage Deposit = 1 week's rental rate (minimum $400 US)

1 to 6 months --> Damage Deposit = 1 month's rental rate

More than 6 months -->Damage Deposit = 2 month's rental rate


All landlords have the right to decide not to allow tenants into their properties. In the event that this occurs, we will make alternative arrangements for you. The use of the property by more than the number of allowed persons will result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement.

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